Subscribe to the  Dutch Jazz Competition 2018 (before March 1)

Music students living in the Netherlands and under 30 years of age, are invited to subscribe their jazz group to the Dutch Jazz Competition 2018.

The registration criteria are broad: all types of jazz are welcome! In addition to the jury ratings on technique, composition and originality, it is also important that the participants demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the jazz tradition and improvisation.

The submission: 

1. Email a "We Transfer" with a maximum of 2 pieces (total duration up to 12 minutes) to c.gog.ims@planet.nl
2. Also email: a digital biography (max 1 A4) and a clear digital photo (of Max. 1 MB in size) + the names of the musicians and composers of the submitted compositions + the contacts of the groups representative.
3. all items listed under 1 and 2 should be provided ultimately on March 1, 2018. 

Only groups that declare to be  available for performing  at the Semi Finals (March 24, Theater Het Hof Arnhem and March 25 at Paradox Tilburg and the Finals April 6 at the Bimhuis Amsterdam are permitted to participate in the Dutch Jazz Competition.

A jury of experts (consisting of musicians, programmers, journalists etc.) will evaluate the entries ' blindfolded ', so exclusively on the submitted recordings and without being informed about the identity of the groups and musicians. The jury selects  8 groups that will participate in the semifinals and from there 4 groups for the Finals.

Fee: the selected groups for the semi-finals and the finals  will receive a buy out of 250 euro per musician with a maximum of 1000 euro per group.

Dutch Jazz Competition Awards 2018:

Best Group:

  • a Cheque
  • Dutch Clubtour (t.b.c.)
  • Spots at  summer jazz festivals

 People's Choice Award 

      * Spot at summer jazz festivals

       * Album recording due to a grant by Sena Music Production Fund